Our End-of-Life Care

If a person's ailments get so severe as to make it intolerable to keep on living, EXIT will help that person to leave this world in a peaceful manner.

This is possible because Switzerland has legalised physician-assisted suicide. And for more than 40 years, EXIT has been committed to provide this option. Indeed, the Society has vast experience in this field. The full-time head office and a team of experienced end-of-life attendants will provide advice and assistance to the extent permitted by the EXIT guidelines.

The end-of-life care is marked by empathy above all, meaning empathy both for the person wishing to die and for that person's family members. A physician-assisted suicide facilitated by EXIT will ensure a peaceful, safe and dignified death by enabling the patient to fall asleep in his or her home and in the presence of the next of kin after ingesting the drug Nembutal (pentobarbital sodium).

The physician-assisted suicide is free of charge for registered members after three years of membership.