We Will Protect You

Becoming a member of EXIT is like taking out an insurance policy.

No one can say what life has in store for them. Even a young person may fall victim to an accident or illness.

But whatever happens, EXIT will represent its members, and EXIT will provide counsel and assistance whenever necessary.

EXIT will also counsel non-members, while actual services and direct assistance are reserved for members only. Hence, EXIT recommends becoming a member at an early age. The Society's capacities are limited, and priority is invariably given to members.

EXIT will protect members and their loved ones during hospitalisation.

Medical treatment requires the patient's consent. In the event that members are unable to articulate their wishes in regard to a given treatment, the living will deposited with EXIT will do it in their stead.

EXIT helps its members to enforce the wishes formulated in their living wills. In the worst case, EXIT will have the living will enforced by actively taking legal steps.

Representatives of EXIT - the only living will organisation in Switzerland which will come and see hospitalised members in person - and assist their families to enforce the instructions laid out in the patient's living will.

The protection provided by EXIT includes:

  • counsel
  • living wills
  • personal directives
  • safe depositing with EXIT
  • legal protection
  • global online access